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It's a season!

2010-02-20 17:01:12 by LukeyBR

Hey guys! The name of the animation, from now on, is Sonic's D.A.!

Sonic's Dimensional Adventure!

And yesss, it is divided in some episodes..

Here is my progress:

Intro - 100%
Scene 1 - 100%
Scene 2 - 35%

I don't know how many scene there will be.. so, wait up for more updates!

See ya'


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2010-02-28 21:30:03

Alright, I look forward to seeing your flash!


2010-03-04 18:24:01

i think u should have 5 scenes cause u never know when u could come up with new ideas and tell me when ur done with the first episodes u should make one dimension in one episodes so it wont be to long about 7 or 10 minutes long it should be and in some of them they sould be games that u can fight enamys in a movie and game in both like i played sonic final fantasy it was amovie and a game sonic was with mega man and shadow and zero it was a good game and movie tell me when ur done with the first one ok bye