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Buttons, huh... Actionscript? Oh, man...

2010-03-07 20:03:32 by LukeyBR

From everything we can do on flash, the thing I just don't know 'how-to' is Actionscript!

Unfortunately, since I NEED to put some buttons on the animations, i think I'll have some difficulties on the way! - Oh, I remembered now!

Sorry for lasting long with the animation! I was traveling abroad, and looking for nice effects. And maybe I don't use them all in the first one, but there 'll be plenty more in the EP 2!

Still, my co-workers (I, me and myself) are finally back to work! =)

Thanks for all the comments! See ya'


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2010-03-08 15:38:03

mabye in some action scripts make a game the videos i told u about sonic final fantasy look it over a couple times and make a game like that


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