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Finally achieving something more!

2010-03-10 08:46:55 by LukeyBR

Hell yea'!!!1!1one!

Finally made it! Now, i've learned some new things at AS2! =]

I got how to do buttons, and even how to stop the movie, and things. Still, i wanna know how to put a scene select.

The progress is still the same:

Scene 1 - 100%
Scene 2 - 35%...

It is because I was traveling, and I don't have a portable Flash x.x'

See ya' !


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2010-03-10 15:29:04

huh well i hope u get it done ohh and when ur gana makwe an action script and dont know what to do make a game to fight the enamy go around and ask some people who make sonic videos with action in it to give u some ideas