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Back to Goddamn Business!

2011-05-14 16:51:35 by LukeyBR

Hell yea, beauties and dudes!
LukeyBR is finally back to business. College got me stuck out of many things... I really missed this place. It is important to me.

Very well, Let's Rok back to business!

The "Sonic's D.A" concept, art, and history is gonna be changed. We gotta do something, and do it now!
Many other things are gonna be put in place around here, so expect changes! =)

And that's it. See ya' guys!


2010-08-18 11:38:11 by LukeyBR

Is being smoothly done. ^^

After I got a new computer, things got a little faster. Sonic's D.A should be ready in no time! xD

Virus?! Goddammit!

2010-06-23 00:21:45 by LukeyBR

OMG, what the hell!

I apologize to everyone, because my computer got some viruses... thanks to my lil' sister....

Still, I won't give up on Sonic's D.A.! Let's just take it easy and do it quickly! /o/

Thank you, everyone!

End Scene 2!

2010-03-25 18:44:41 by LukeyBR

Yeah! Scene 2 is over!

And plus: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Soundtrack is awesome! Now... the rumor was true after all!

MJ (Michael Jackson) really DID the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Soundtrack! He is awesome even afterlife! o/

Go go MJ! Hope you rest in peace!

All the way to the sky!

2010-03-22 00:48:56 by LukeyBR

Hey guys, Lukey here!

Just to let you guys know that now, things are getting more interesting =)

I just did a nice intro, and I got nearly all the stuff I need in Sonic DA - Episode 1 !

Still, I need special effects =/ But I'm sure i'll find it! Thanks to every single person that's lending me a hand! Specially, shadefalcon, for the sounds and stuff!

See ya'

Hell yea'!!!1!1one!

Finally made it! Now, i've learned some new things at AS2! =]

I got how to do buttons, and even how to stop the movie, and things. Still, i wanna know how to put a scene select.

The progress is still the same:

Scene 1 - 100%
Scene 2 - 35%...

It is because I was traveling, and I don't have a portable Flash x.x'

See ya' !

From everything we can do on flash, the thing I just don't know 'how-to' is Actionscript!

Unfortunately, since I NEED to put some buttons on the animations, i think I'll have some difficulties on the way! - Oh, I remembered now!

Sorry for lasting long with the animation! I was traveling abroad, and looking for nice effects. And maybe I don't use them all in the first one, but there 'll be plenty more in the EP 2!

Still, my co-workers (I, me and myself) are finally back to work! =)

Thanks for all the comments! See ya'

It's a season!

2010-02-20 17:01:12 by LukeyBR

Hey guys! The name of the animation, from now on, is Sonic's D.A.!

Sonic's Dimensional Adventure!

And yesss, it is divided in some episodes..

Here is my progress:

Intro - 100%
Scene 1 - 100%
Scene 2 - 35%

I don't know how many scene there will be.. so, wait up for more updates!

See ya'

Getting Better...

2010-02-08 08:04:53 by LukeyBR

Hey gyus! Just like I said before, i'll do a Sonic Sprite Movie. Still, I don't have a nice name for it... I'll think about it later...

I'm here just to say that i'm always trying to get better, so I don't know what 'll be of my 2nd animation in NG. Anyways, thank you everybody, for the comments, and ratings, votes. It really inspire me to get even better now!

See ya'

Sonic InTime =D

2010-02-07 12:28:11 by LukeyBR

Hey guys! To Sonic the Hedgehog fans, I'm going to start doing some nice animations about this guy! =]

The name is Sonic InTime - Well, just by mentioning "InTime", you can be sure something good is arriving (or not) - well, I'll try my best to do a very nice animation, so i'll put the first Intro in here.

It's just like a Mega Drive intro, so old fans should like it.

Weeeeell, that's all! See ya'